The Aso ShrineRestoration Project

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We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to everyone who has been affected by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes.

During the earthquakes, the symbolic two-storey tower gate and the worship hall of Aso Shrine collapsed. The three shrines housing the deities were severely damaged. We deeply appreciate the many heartwarming messages of encouragement and wishes for restoration of the shrine even from the local people whose own lives have been severely affected by the quakes.

With your warm support, all of the shrine staff are working hard on the Aso Shrine restoration project with the hope that the restoration will become symbolic of the restoration of the whole community and an inspiration to the Aso region.

Chief priest of Aso Shrine, Harutaka Aso

Aso Shrine History

The Aso Shrine is believed to have been built in 282 B.C. (During the 9th reign of Emperor Korei) , and has a history stretching back over 2,300years.

The deities of Aso Shrine

The Aso Shrine contains three separate shrines which enshrine three main shinto deities who are believed to be the founding fathers of the Aso region:


Throughout the year the Aso Shrine holds a series of unique rituals:

July 28th Otaue-shinko-shiki (commonly called Ondasai)

In the Ondasai ritual the deities of Aso shrine are placed in four mikoshi (portable shrines) and carried in procession around the paddy fields to view the growth of the rice crops and to pray for a bountiful harvest.

How to donate

Aso Shrine suffered very serious damage from the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes which occurred in the early morning of April 16th. The symbolic two-storey tower gate and the worship hall both collapsed. The three shrines to worship deities were severely damaged.

Aso Shrine attracts not only Japanese people but also many worshipers and visitors from all around the world. The shrine fulfills an important role as the much loved guardian of the community. Immediate restoration is vitally needed from this unprecedented disaster.

Therefore, the Aso Shrine sincerely hopes that people from all around the world support this restoration project.

Donation Method

Bank Transfer

  • English Name: THE KUMAMOTO BANK, LTD.
  • Account: Ordinary
  • Account Number: 3032360
  • Account Name: Aso-Shirne
  • Address: Miyaji 3083-1, Ichinomiya-machi, Aso, Kumamoto 869-2612 Japan
  • Phone number: 0967-22-0064
  • A Paypal account is currently under application to accept overseas donations


Restoration progress reports will be posted on the Aso Shrine official Facebook page


Tel 0967-22-0064 (9:00-17:00)
Address: 3083-1 Miyaji, Ichinomiya-machi, Aso, Kumamoto
  • (Access from Kumamoto to Aso)Please visit Aso Shrine!:
    The Route 57 route into Aso is suspended due to the damage caused by the earthquakes. An alternative route is possible; Take Route 57 to Ozu → Prefecture Road 339 (Milk Road) → Prefecture Road 23 (Futaenotouge) → Akamizu, Aso